While often overlooked, bollards are a critical component of overall security.  Many professionals otherwise well versed in physical security do not have a comprehensive understanding of bollard technologies and deployment techniques.  Visitors of this site have a desire to enhance their knowledge of bollards, and move their professional acumen and certification status to the next level.

CASBT is proud to offer the BSCP, the first certification for security professionals focused entirely on bollards.  Please visit the BSCP Certification link to learn more about this exciting new certification program.

CASBT is comprised entirely of volunteer efforts, and is a not-for-profit organization.  It exists entirely to provide information regarding bollard technologies, their deployment, and how they can be used to enhance the overall security posture of an organization.  The resources found here may be freely used.  All proceeds generated by the certification program are paid directly to the benefiting organizations (charity of your choice).  No funds ever are ever received directly by the CASBT.

We would like say thanks to Bollardville.com for raising general awareness of bollards, and making this certification program possible.