BSCP Certification

BSCP (Bollard Security Certified Professional)

BSCP certification provides a new level of distinction for security professionals knowledgeable in bollard technologies.   As the number of bollard certified professionals increase, along with overall bollard awareness, additional bollard certifications may be made available in the future.   Please continue to frequent this site for further updates as developments occur.

BSCP Certification Process

It is important to understand the innovative new certification concepts developed by CASBT before beginning the BSCP certification process.  Our certifications are self-proctored, meaning that you ensure that the test is taken correctly, and that all guidelines are adhered to.   CASBT is also pioneering another milestone in certifications with the concept of self-administration.   You will not have to wait weeks to find out if you passed, simply download the answer key and grade the exam yourself.  We expect that many certification programs will soon follow this model as it is highly efficient, and much more convenient that traditional certification processes.

Once you have passed your certification exam, visit the Downloads area and retrieve the appropriate certificate.

Registration Fee: Donate $20.00 (or more) to the charity of your choice (optional, but recommended).  No funds are ever received by CASBT.

Certification Submission:  Once you have completed the exam, collect the exam from yourself and submit it back to yourself for grading (these steps are important to maintain separation of duties).

Extra Credit:  An optional essay can be submitted along with the exam.  While not required, this can add up to 50% credit to your BSCP exam score.   The topic should be on your vision of bollard deployments today, and what they should be in the future.

Grading Process:  Points are giving for correct answers, and if an essay was submitted, writing style, and general display of bollard knowledge.   The passing or failing of an exam is at the sole discretion of the examiner (you).  If an essay was submitted with the exam, up to 50% credit may be awarded at your discretion.  When grading exams, please maintain diligence and a high degree of ethics to preserve the high standing and respect of CASBT and the BSCP certification.

Download the exam key, grade your exam, and then determine if you passed. A passing score of 75% or better is required to achieve BSCP certification.

BSCP Certificates:  Once you have passed the exam, you may download a certificate (suitable for framing depending upon the quality of your printer).  Simply download the certificate, edit it appropriately, then print. That’s all there is to it.

BSCP Registry:  If you would like your name posted on the registry, please email the name you would like listed (handles, twitter, etc. are acceptable) and the date you passed to  The certificate number posted will be incremented to the next available number. Being listed on the registry provides industry recognition, and a means for employers to verify your certification status.