Security is a broad field, why focus on just bollards?   Security is a very broad field indeed, so broad that many security professionals do not even know what a bollard is.   By focusing strictly on bollards we are providing equal time, and will continue to do so until they are properly understood by the masses.

What types of questions are on the exam?    All questions are true/false, or multiple-choice.   Optionally an essay can be submitted  describing your vision of bollards today, and where they should be taken in the future.   If an essay is submitted, up to 50% credit may be applied to your test score.

Don’t serious certification programs require proctored exams?   Yes, and that is why our tests are proctored.  To maintain the current low cost of bollard certification, our tests are “self-proctored”.   That means that you will be the one responsible to ensure that you take the exam as instructed.   Self-proctoring allows us a to maintain a high level of industry respect, while keeping the costs low.   Proctoring is part of the exam process, and is not a paid position.

How can I contest a test question?   Do you really think that you know more about bollards that us?   That may be true.  Send any issues with test question content to bollardmaster@casbt.org

There are no published study guides for this exam.  How can I know I am ready to take it?    How do you ever know when you are ready to take a security exam?   Have you ever actually felt ready?  Study the materials listed in the resource center, and you should pass.

What if I fail?  Try harder, study, and test again.  Unlike other certification programs, failure is actually encouraged in our programs as it may generate additional charitable contributions.   Please fail as often as you like, repay the exam fee (charitable contribution), and test again.   

I have received so much benefit from CASBT, I feel like I owe more than the modest certification fee.  We certainly understand as many people feel this way.  Please increase the amount you donate to charity.

Certification was an awesome experience!  I wish I could do it again!   Well you can!  Make another charitable donation, and re-certify as often as you like.

I already know a lot about bollards, why should I get certified?

  • Fact: CASBT offers the only certification program specifically focusing on bollard education.
  • Fact: CASBT offers the least expensive security certification in the industry.
  • Fact: You will gain an additional acronym to add to the already long list on your email signature and business cards.
  • Fact: Bollard certifications may add $10-$50K to your annual salary (not likely, but it is possible).
  • Fact: 100% of the proceeds benefit the charitable organization of your choosing.